From January 2013 RDC has offered occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy and counseling. These specialized services are available on a self-financed basis or through insurance to individuals who will be evaluated by our trained and certified professionals. This department has fully-equipped physical and occupational therapy rooms and trained therapists with years of experience.

Redwood Development Center is named after the Redwood tree, which grows from the smallest pinecone to the tallest tree in the forest. Some trees grow to be more than 330 feet tall. Redwood trees begin when a forest fire ignites the ball where the pinecones are stored on the trunk, and thousands of seeds are released. Only a few seeds start to grow. Redwood trees always begin their young lives protected by a circle of mature trees. Their job is to shelter the young redwoods. We believe that circling and protecting those who need our help is a worthwhile endeavor. Redwood trees are special. We believe that all children and adults are special, too, and some of them need the services that we can provide. We want all children to grow as much as possible, to be healthy, and strong in their minds and bodies. We believe that both trees and children need adults who can protect them and help them grow.